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With their uncanny lyrics, massive harmonies, and six-string fireworks, Sunspot has been touring the rock underground for over two decades and performs driving electro-rock anthems that capture the fantastic and bring it back down to Earth.

After years of podcasting tour stories from their van, Sunspot branched out by creating Wisconsin’s #1 paranormal podcast, See You On The Other Side. Each of the show’s 200+ episodes feature interviews and discussions of pop culture and paranormal themes while capping each entry off with a brand new original track every week. Their latest album The Wonders of the Invisible World is a re-recorded and fully mastered collection of the most popular songs from the show. The paranormal inspiration ranges from weird Puritan superstitions (hence the Salem Witch Trials-related title track) to a rocker inspired by Ed and Lorraine Warren of The Conjuring fame (“The Only Faith”), a Churchillian ode to a brave psychic British cancer survivor (“Keep Calm and Carry On”) to a track about the escape of an out-of-body experience (“Push”).

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