November 2021 Newsletter

November 30, 2021
Sunspot Christmas YouTube Playlist

Tis The Season!

Hi rock ‘n’ roll weirdos!

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, whether it’s Christmas, Hannukah, you’re a Richard Dawkins atheist, or you’re some kind of heathen (no offense, we love heathens) – we hope you have a great Holiday Season and are enjoying yourself.

To help you with the holidays this year, we’ve got a special Sunspot playlist full of Christmas tracks. Some are original, like “Big Data Christmas” or “Digitalistic Christmas” (I think we might have some kind of theme going with technology and the Yuletide) to “Feliz Navidad” (which means Merry Christmas if you’re a non-Spanish speaker) and perennial “bribing St. Nick with sex” classic “Santa Baby”.

You can even listen to a track or podcast every day to make it a special kind of Sunspot Advent calendar!

Wendy and I have made lots of podcasts about Christmas so if you’re looking for the paranormal side of the holiday, you are in luck!

Holiday Hauntings
Monsters of Christmas
Rituals of the Winter Solstice
Weirdest Christmas Traditions
Christmas Goblins
Jesus Is An Alien
Christmas and Aliens
Santa Claus Is Real
Krampus: The Christmas Demon

And to get you really into the Christmas season, if you’re in the Milwaukee area this Sunday night, we’ll be letting it rip at the Bavarian Bierhaus. Who’s Krampus? Well, if St. Nick brings toys to all the good little girls and boys, Krampus comes to punish the naughty ones. A classic European tradition, Krampusnacht is the night before St. Nicholas’ Day and we’re even part of a special Krampusnacht Parade. The location even brews a

special beer for the event called, “Bells and Chains”!


Ghosts of Christmas Past

Look at these young people, let’s trip in the Wayback Machine to 2005 and our Christmas Party at the “long gone but still beloved by the strangely large Madison Area Parrothead community” Cheeseburger In Paradise. Yes indeed, Jimmy Buffett even came to the burgeoning Metropolis of Middleton, Wisconsin to celebrate the opening with a sold out show. Christmas 2005 at the Cheeseburger was not quite a sold out show, but it was a nice benefit for the Dane County Salvation Army and we were happy to donate our time and talents. 

Cheeseburger in Paradise was a pretty fun place despite being a weird corporate restaurant that was meant to evoke a 70s’ novelty hit about how Jimmy Buffett tried to be a vegetarian but dreamed about eating meat all night long (you can insert your own Freudian analysis here.) We even won a $100 bar tab one time at their open mic, which we then promptly drank.

See you in Milwaukee or our next Patreon event and have an awesome Christmas season!
Mike, Ben, and Wendy Lynn