October 2021 Newsletter

October 31, 2021
Sunspot at the Crystal Grand Music Theatre, October 29th, 2021

Happy Halloween!

Hi rock ‘n’ roll weirdos!

It’s Mike from Sunspot on my personal favorite holiday, All Hallow’s Eve! I hope you’re getting ready for a candy overload (even if you don’t go trick or treating)

This last Friday, we played with Fastball and the Gin Blossoms in Wisconsin Dells and it was an amazing experience. Gin Blossoms did the entirety of New Miserable Experience live and it took me right back to sophomore year of high school, which was a crazy feeling because the nostalgia has been strong lately anyway. It’s a cliche because it’s true, but songs really do take you places that words can’t and I was really feeling it on Friday.

And that’s funny because in a kind of related story, I was at our merch booth right after we played and Fastball had just started up. A guy walks up and wants to buy a CD and it’s super loud and I’m having trouble already hearing him, but he had difficulty with speech like maybe from a stroke or an accident or something. I come up close to hear him and he said, “I love music but I don’t speak so well.” And that of course, broke my heart a little, but I just say “That’s no problem, that’s why we have music. So we can talk to here (and point to his heart) instead of here (and point to his head).” And then we smile and exchange pleasantries for a minute and that’s it. I forgot about it for a while, but it struck me hard as I was listening to the other bands. Not that they don’t have new music and it’s not great (Fastball and Gin Blossoms have plenty of songs in the 21st Century that are excellent), but the power of the soundtrack of your life to instantly put you inside a certain period of your life is something primal. And it doesn’t just have to be the past, of course, that’s just a convenient example in the age of radio. It’s fun sometimes to bathe in the feeling like that, but when it comes to nostalgia, I just don’t want to stay too long before I drown in it.

It was a really fun show, everybody was totally professional, friendly and warm to us (and I talked to the lead singer about Fastball for a long time about Quiet Riot and Dio in the dressing room, which was really fun), we met a ton of new enthusiastic people, and the performances were all great. So, what an awesome way to finish October. Plus, here’s Ben looking like a stud during soundcheck:

We also did a marathon 4-hour set on October 15th at the Monona Fall Fest. It was a beautiful day and a a lot of fun, but there’s nothing like playing in the background to pony rides and a chili cook-off to keep you humble in the entertainment business!

Halloween Around The World

Last year for Halloween, Wendy and I did a video discussion on Halloween traditions in different parts of the world and it was a really fun conversation. If you’re looking for a little context or to do something different for Halloween this year, then make sure to take a listen or watch this video.

We’ve had a lot of different podcasts about Halloween throughout the years, so if you’re interested, take a listen and you might even learn something new for this year’s holiday!

Speaking of Wendy and I, we’ll be doing an acoustic duo show in Los Angeles on November 10th and if you’re in Southern California, we’d love to see you!


Ghost of Halloween Past

Wow, 20 years ago on Halloween weekend, we were performing at Points East Pub in Milwaukee and here’s a little carbon dating for you, we thought it would be cool to go as the Blair Witch Project. And while I’m not certainly not 24 anymore (and I probably have the liver of a 124 year old), twenty years on, we’re still pretty sexy.

We will be back in Milwaukee in December for a fun special event where you’ll be able to dress up as well. Keep an eye out for more details!

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Mike, Ben, and Wendy Lynn