September 2021 Newsletter

September 30, 2021
Sunspot at Summerfest 9/09/2021

Hi rock ‘n’ roll weirdos!

It’s Mike from Sunspot on September 30th. Another month in the books and some great memories. 

First, the return to Summerfest was awesome and getting to open for Everclear was the cherry on the sundae. They really brought it in Milwaukee and they played all their hits and it was so great to be there to play right before them and then enjoy a great set. It really felt like an amazing rock party. Thank you to everyone who came out early on a Thursday to watch us kick out the jams on the Milwaukee lakefront. Every Summerfest show is like coming home because it’s where we saw so many great concerts in our youth, that it meant a lot. 

Jamming out to Everclear at Summerfest

Speaking of bands that have been influences that we’re excited to play with, we’ll be at the Crystal Grand Theatre in the Wisconsin Dells for a special October 29th show with the Gin Blossoms and Fastball. There’s gonna be a lot of hits that night and we’re excited to be able to share the stage with bands that we absolutely loved in our younger years, it’s a real honor.

More Party At The Paracon!

Mike and Wendy at the American Ghost Walks Milwaukee Paracon 2021

September 24-26th was the Milwaukee Paracon! Wendy and I had a great time not only performing for the pre-party, but meeting so many interesting people and participating in a special American Ghost Walks presentation. I even got to do a full hour on my experiences in Haunchyville (just in case, here’s the song if you forgot about it!) and then that night we participated in the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt from the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee and you can WATCH that video and us using the Estes Method of paranormal investigation right HERE.

Speaking of Paracons, we’re also excited to be part of the Sage Paracon at Home October 2021 edition this weekend October 1st through 3rd! We’ll be leading the Happy Hour on Friday night at 6:30pm Central Time but the other speakers are awesome too, Jeff Belanger (researcher for Ghost Adventures), John Zaffis from Haunted Collector and nephew of the Warrens from The Conjuring fame, Brad and Tim from Haunted Sault Ste. Marie (where we just were last month!), the cast of Destination Fear, and even my awesome sister Allison Jornlin will be doing a presentation on unsung women of the paranormal. It’s going to be a great supernatural weekend and we’re excited to be part of it.  

Blast From The Past

Sunspot at Luther’s Blues 2003

Just wanted to share the live version of a song that used to be a mainstay of our set. “Young Love” was a track that we wrote in high school (in September of 1992!) and we still break it out on occasion. Anyway, that song has a particularly personal meaning this month, so please take a listen and enjoy it as we dedicate it to a very early supporter of the band. This is our version from Luther’s Blues in Madison from 2003 and my favorite
recording of it (more energy than on Ben and my 1994 4-track demo!)

Just click on the image below to listen to “Young Love (Live from Luther’s Blues 2003)”…

Missed our livestream Tuesday? We missed you too! Watch it HERE

Live from Sunspot HQ 9/28/2021

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See you in the Dells, our Patreon Hangout, or next livestream!
Mike, Ben, and Wendy Lynn