Save the Warehouse!

August 21, 2013

As many of you know, The Warehouse in La Crosse, a Wisconsin institution, is at risk right now. Please consider supporting their rescue campaign here:

Thanks to the passion of owner Stephen Harm, The Warehouse has, for decades, offered something incredibly special and undeniably awesome: A place for people of all ages to experience live music, and a place for bands from the world over to perform, in an unlikely geographical location. We’ve performed there on two occasions, both of which we remember very fondly.

January 12, 2001
A rock lineup with The Baum Squad and Mary Ellis

The Baum Squad

The Baum Squad at The Warehouse in La Crosse, WI 1/12/2001

Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis at The Warehouse in La Crosse, WI 1/12/2001

We were already friends with the Baum Squad and loved their show, and it was our first time seeing Mary Ellis and we were mightily impressed. We’ve remained friends with the guys from both bands ever since then. Here are some photos (taken with a sexy 1-MB digital camera) from the evening:

Sunspot at The Warehouse

Sunspot at The Warehouse

Sunspot at The Warehouse

August 4, 2006

with skanksters Sunshine Policy:

Sunshine Policy at The Warehouse

One of the features of The Warehouse we appreciated was that Steve was so incredibly organized AND had a great sense of humor. Here’s a photo of the Day List from that show, which illustrates both of these qualities beautifully:

Day List for the Sunspot / Sunshine Policy show at The Warehouse in La Crosse 8/4/2006

Wendy snapped this photo (using a Palm Treo 700p, hence the quality) in the green room:

Green Room at The Warehouse

And last but not least, the infamous (and potentially deadly) staircase!  Survive the precarious load-in to the top, and you’re rewarded with an eyeful of one of the most impressive poster walls any venue has maintained:

The Warehouse Stairs

We have seen many, many venues come and go throughout our career, but this one has been steadfast and we sure hope it can remain for the enjoyment and love of music for many more years.

You can support the rescue campaign here (no minimum- every bit helps): http://www.savethewarehouse.com